FOR A LIMITED TIME TO SELECT US and CANADIAN HOMEOWNERS and CHURCHES, you can receive an Advance Registration Certificate absolutely FREE* good toward a NO COST HIGH- TECH FUELLESS GENERATOR potentially to be placed on your home** and (if and when the generators are placed) give you 26,000 KWH of "FREE ELECTRICITY" EVERY YEAR by allowing ITEC to possibly use your home as a link to the grid! YOU MUST BE ADVANCE REGISTERED BY CHOOSING BETWEEN SEVERAL OPTIONS* (On the registration page) TO BE IN LINE FOR THE GENERATOR/FREE ELECTRICITY. Please Follow the "Tell Me More" link below.

              NEWS FLASH

A large organization has committed to getting the balance of the 1.6 million witnesses!! The generators are scheduled to be demonstrated AS SOON AS THIS IS FINALIZED.

For the latest 24 hour recorded update call: 212-461-8738

After these 1.6 million witnesses have been given their FREE Electricity, and the machines have been demonstrated, the cost of a machine to be installed on your home will be at least $1500.00!!  

Read on to find out how you still have a little time to get a FREE Advance Registration Certificate and be part of the first 1.6 million.


The "Hummingbird/Sundance Generator" Prototype. CLICK HERE  for a larger image. 


ITEC will acknowledge your position in line for the use of a "FREE ELECTRICITY GENERATOR" planned to be delivered and installed on your home if and WHEN they are available absolutely FREE OF ANY CHARGE* on a "first come, first served" basis to the first 1.6 million homes. (NOTE: The generators will not be for sale and will be introduced ONLY WHEN we have 1.6 million witness registered.)

NO generators have EVER been manufactured or installed anywhere at this time.

The plan is that the generator produce "FREE ELECTRICITY" for your home, which will be installed, maintained and owned by ITEC/UCSA. THE GENERATORS WILL NOT BE OWNED BY THE HOMEOWNER!  Excess electricity that the generator may produce over the 26,000 KWH that ITEC is planning to give you free every year could possibly be sold back to your current utility supplier, therefore providing a cash flow to ITECThe generator uses no outside energy, is quiet and friendly to the atmosphere.

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    * There are several ways for you to get a FREE Advance Registration Certificate and be a part of the 1.6

million witnesses. 1) Join theSavingTrain savings club for just $39.95.  2) Get a FREE LOOK KIT which includes a FREE Advance Registration Certificate.  3) More options on the order page.

    ** ITEC will make every effort to install the generator on your residence.  HOWEVER, if the local electric company will not cooperate, the actual generator may be installed at another location and you would potentially receive the 26,000 KWH of FREE ELECTRICITY ONLY.

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